8 Call Center Resume and Skills Examples to Include [Templates] (2023)

Applying for a new job is always stressful. What if they don't like me? What if I'm overdressed for the interview? What happens if I submit the wrong cover letter?

8 Call Center Resume and Skills Examples to Include [Templates] (1)

There are some errors and glitches during the application and interview process that are beyond your control. However, your resume is entirely in your hands and there are steps you can take to make it the best it can be.

In this post, we give you some tips on what a call center resume should look like. Below we provide you with some sample CVs that you can use to optimize your application. If time is a factor, use the links below to jump to your favorite topic.

  1. Call Center Curriculum Summary
  2. Examples of customer service resumes
  3. Aim of the Call Center Curriculum
  4. Call Center Resume Skills

Call center resume

8 Call Center Resume and Skills Examples to Include [Templates] (3)

Call Center Curriculum Summary

Whether you are applying for a managerial or entry-level position, your resume should begin with a brief summary. These two to four sentences describe your application and summarize the skills and experience listed on your resume. This highlights your key characteristics for employers who may be researching the resumes.

A good CV describes your career path and why you would be a good fit for the company. Discuss your relevant work experience and point out skills that would be beneficial to your employer.

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Examples of customer service resumes

Below are some examples to consider when writing your resume summary.

1. Experienced support staff

When applying for a job, it is helpful to show your experience in the position. Below is a sample summary that you can view in my HubSpot Support colleague's app.

"Experienced Customer Service Representative seeking a supportive role within a growing technology company. Has a BA in Marketing Communications and 3+ years experience in customer service roles. Highly skilled communicator who will meet deadlines and ensure customer satisfaction."

2. Bilingual service representative

Communication is key in customer service and being able to communicate with people from all over the world makes you a much more attractive candidate. If you speak two or more languages, be sure to include this skill on your resume to set yourself apart from other candidates.

Here is an example ofCover letter and CVby a candidate who speaks English and Spanish.

"Friendly and outgoing Customer Service Representative with 8+ years experience aiming to improve the customer experience at ABC Company. Adept at taking and entering orders, managing accounts and resolving complaints. Familiar with needs analysis processes of the Customers, quality standards of service and customer loyalty. Bilingual: English/Spanish".

3. Qualified Customer Service Representative

When it comes to customer service, some companies value a candidate's soft skills more than their technical or product knowledge. Soft skills like active listening and emotional intelligence can be much more difficult to teach than using or troubleshooting a product.

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Check out this summaryAs a matter of factthat underscores the candidate's ability to form meaningful relationships with clients.

"Energy Account Manager with 3+ years of experience solving complex client queries. Passionate about building strong client relationships, driving brand loyalty and increasing customer retention."

4. Call Center Team Leader

As a team leader, you are responsible for guiding the staff and meeting the deadlines set by the call center manager. This requires strong communication skills as well as the ability to plan and execute campaigns. If you are applying for this position, your resume should demonstrate that you are a goal-oriented, organized worker who can meet deadlines.

This is a good example of a team leader summary provided bymeinperfekterlebenslauf.com.

"Results-oriented team leader with experience in accounting, document control and financial reporting. Effective in leading diverse [teams] to achieve business objectives. Detail-oriented and efficient, with strengths in project and time management".

5. Callcenter-Manager

As a call center manager, your resume should highlight your ability to work in a team, as well as your ability to meet and exceed goals. In this example fromworking day, the candidate does this by demonstrating their ability to solve problems and provide constructive feedback to others. While this summary might be a bit lengthy for some recruiters, it shows the candidate's potential value to the company.

"A goal-oriented and flexible call center manager who can take constructive feedback and then correct any deficiencies. Maxine is super energetic and passionate about not only meeting goals but exceeding them running business and growing sales. He looks forward to joining a company that offers exciting career opportunities and promising earning potential for hard-working, motivated professionals."

Aim of the Call Center Curriculum

Your resume should make it clear what your short-term goals are. You should place these goals under your resume to show why you are interested in this position. Here are a few things to keep in mind when applying.Service centerwork.

1. Build lasting relationships with customers.

You want to show your employer right from the start that you will not be impersonal, offhand and rude. You want to work in this position because you love the opportunity to connect with customers and guide them through their problems.

"I'm looking for a call center position to use my verbal communication and problem-solving skills to build lasting relationships with customers."

2. Solve customer problems creatively.

This one is similar to the previous one in that you emphasize the main purpose of the role: connecting with customers. However, if you are a creative thinker with a passion for problem solving, this is a great way to showcase what you have to offer while also highlighting what you are looking for in a position or job.

"Looking for a call center role that will allow me to think outside the box andUse my creative problem-solving skills to delight customers and increase customer satisfaction."

3. Help organizations grow with greater customer retention, up-sells and cross-sells.

It's easier to sell to someone who already knows your brand and has bought from you before. Additionally, it's very possible that the issues customers are trying to solve can be easily fixed with plugins or premium offerings. With this in mind, a call center agent's primary focus is handling and resolving customer issues, but there's always an opportunity to do soCross-Selling und Up-Sellingin these conversations. Drawing attention to this role in your goal shows potential employers that you have a growth mindset.

"Work effectively with the [company's] call center team while improving customer satisfaction, retaining customers and helping to increase the company's revenue through upsells."

4. Work in a fast-paced environment.

Say right away that you are prepared and looking forward to the hectic everyday life of a call center agent. This is a great benefit for employers as they can trust you are ready to take on the challenge and work in a position that requires constant communication.

"I'm looking for a fast-paced, challenging role that will keep me on my toes and where I can demonstrate my ability to solve problems under pressure."

5. Improve the existing experience of working with customers.

If you've worked in a call center before, great! You're halfway there. This goal will clearly convey that you have experience and are still trying to earn more. Even if you haven't worked specifically as a call center agent, it helps if you have experience in customer service, support, or success.

"I use my experience [skill] to ensure proper customer interaction with [the company], while also offering the in-depth [expertise] knowledge I have to help them with any problems they encounter."

6. Use my problem-solving skills to turn dissatisfied customers into brand ambassadors.

If you have a knack for dealing with dissatisfied or angry customers, this is the lens for you. Not only do you demonstrate that you're comfortable with a seemingly difficult job, you also paint a picture of what the hiring manager can expect when they choose you: happy customers who will rave about the organization or the brand.

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"Use my strong problem-solving and interpersonal skills to prevent churn by turning disgruntled customers into brand advocates."

7. For Industry Information.

Highlight the specific industry the company is in, whether it's technology, retail, or something else. This shows that you have done your research about the company. Plus, you'll show that you're learning more than just your specific team, but the purpose and mission of the entire organization.

"Broaden my knowledge and gain insights into [industry/topic] to better contribute to key [company] initiatives."

8. Being challenged to navigate computer systems.

Show your potential employer that you are ready for a challenge. You love someone who brings a fresh perspective and energy. Plus, they'll be happy to know that you're interested in learning as much about it as possibleCall-Center-Software, as this is an important part of his position. This can help you succeed as a call center rep and technical rep.

"I'm looking for a position where I can expand my knowledge of call center operations and call management systems to improve workflows and increase customer satisfaction."

Call Center Resume Skills

After listing the main goals you want to achieve, you can highlight your skills and knowledge that make you a key asset to the company. This is your chance to show why you are an ideal candidate.

1. Excellent communication skills

One of the most important skills you can have as a call center agent is strong communication skills. Your job requires an inordinate amount of verbal and written communication. Must be able to speak quickly, deviate from script and respond appropriately to customer complaints, both over the phone and online. Employers want to hire someone who doesn't need constant reassurance about how to respond to a customer and who can communicate easily.

How to improve this skill

  • Learn as much as you can about your company's customer service protocols and keep them handy. This way you don't have to struggle with what to do next when you're on the phone.
  • Summarize the key points that you discussed with the customer during the call to ensure they are both on the same page and prepare them for the next steps.

2. Learning Competence

In order to resolve issues quickly and provide the best possible experience, you need a thorough understanding of the product/service you are supporting. You are not expected to know everything on day one, but it is important to learn quickly from the training, be creative in finding answers, and retain knowledge well.

How to improve this skill

  • Take notes as you practice. consider what youI need to knowto complete each task and break each module into smaller steps.
  • Use external sources such as video tutorials and online courses to supplement your knowledge and improve your skills.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions.

3. Troubleshooting and troubleshooting

Customers call with problems. You will be able to fix some of them and not others. For the latter, you need to develop a process to diagnose the problem and determine how to fix it. This means that you not only need knowledge of your organization's system, but also the ability to spot problems using the elimination process and logic.

How to improve this skill

  • Know your businessknowledge baseto help you assist customers with their inquiries.
  • Role play with hypothetical problems a caller might have that are not explicitly addressed in your training. Work the way you would solve it.

4. Great attention to detail

When you work directly with clients, you need to pay close attention to detail. Customers will contact us with specific problems, questions, and concerns. You need to pay attention to details and make sure you are offering the right solution. Also, spelling and grammatical errors are a sure sign of unprofessionalism and prevent employers from trusting you.

How to improve this skill

  • Hear live calls to practice and see if you've found the same solution as your colleague. If you listen to your own calls, you'll find out what could be improved. Did you miss an important detail? Did the caller have to repeat themselves?
  • Usetyping teststo improve your speed, accuracy and data entry skills.

5. Strong organizational skills

Call center agents must record all of their interactions with customers. Because agents speak to multiple customers in a day, it can be confusing to remember which customer had problems with which products or services. If you're someone who keeps to-do lists, budget sheets, or other records, add those skills to your resume.

How to improve this skill

  • Make it convenient to record complete notes in your CRM or ticketing system.
  • Stop recording all relevant information about the customer and their request in your tracking system before proceeding with the next call. This creates less chance of forgetting or confusing details with another customer.

6. Empathy

Customers expect to be heard, appreciated and valued, especially when they have a problem and ask for help. An important aspect of customer care in a call center is therefore empathy. Treating the customer like a different number (or worse) is a surefire way to negatively impact the experience.

How to improve this skill

  • Put yourself in the customer's shoes. How would you like to be addressed?
  • Start by apologizing for the trouble and expressing that you will work to solve the problem. This lets the customer know that you care.

7. Ability to remain calm in emergency situations

Something that is underestimated in the industry is an employee who can stay balanced. Working closely with customers makes it easy to get into difficult situationsdissatisfied or angry customers. The worst thing a call center agent can do is panic. Showing that you remain calm and in control, even in the worst of times, will go a long way in the eyes of employers.

How to improve this skill

  • Have confidence. Remember that you are the expert and the customer is asking you for advice.
  • Let the customer breathe. If you allow an angry caller to vent their frustration early in the conversation, you can calmly resolve the issue and show that you're listening. Avoiding each other also allows you to grasp the full scope of the problem.

8. Selling persuasively

Much of frontline work involves selling products or services directly to customers. You will be the voice customers will hear and what you say matters. As such, companies want to hire call center agents who are persuasive and can persuade potential customers to make purchases or purchase upgrades. You don't want someone who is fraudulent, but if you totally agree that the product or service improves the lives of your customers, then you should be able to convey that with confidence.

How to improve this skill

  • Learn which products are suitable for a specific customer's needs or pain points. Understand the problems your products solve so you can recommend them to customers who might benefit.
  • Feel comfortable when you hear the word "no". Rejection can be intimidating, but think of sales as another way to resolve it for the customer.

Now that we've covered some of the components of a call center resume, let's look at some examples and templates.

Call Center Resume Examples and Templates

1. Bilingual call center agent

8 Call Center Resume and Skills Examples to Include [Templates] (5)8 Call Center Resume and Skills Examples to Include [Templates] (6)

image source

This example resume shows an employee with call center experience. The fictional Michael Lopez makes his experience in the field clear by adding it just below his name. The title “Call Center Pro with Inbound & Outbound Experience” in bold cannot be overlooked. A meaningful headline that describes your years of experience gives employers a reason to keep reading your resume.

Also, under the title, add in bold that you are bilingual and what languages ​​you speak.


because we like it

This CV quickly shows what makes a candidate valuable: their language skills. This is an advantage for employers as multilingual call center agents add value for especially global businesses.

2. Call Center Agent with outstanding strengths

8 Call Center Resume and Skills Examples to Include [Templates] (7)

image source

This resume example also clearly shows Natalie Hill's fictional call center experience. Most of his resume is his work experience and acquired skills, suggesting he is someone who doesn't need extensive training or supervision.

because we like it

Before her experience, she added her highlights. Placed in short bullet points, they easily grab the attention of employers and showcase all your attributes, skills and knowledge in one short paragraph.

3. Inexperienced call center agent

8 Call Center Resume and Skills Examples to Include [Templates] (8)8 Call Center Resume and Skills Examples to Include [Templates] (9)

image source

This resume example highlights a candidate with no actual call center experience. However, this well-structured resume shows that they have what it takes to master the position.

The fictional William Morrison claims he has a background in customer service and writes down skills he learned in previous jobs that he can transfer to a call center. In addition to your previous roles, you indicate that your responsibilities are directly related to a call center role, showing that you have similar qualifications to someone with actual call center experience.

because we like it

The candidate uses their transferrable skills and highlights how they relate to the call center position they are applying for. Instead of viewing a lack of industry experience as a setback, turn it into an advantage.

4. E-Commerce Customer Service Representative

8 Call Center Resume and Skills Examples to Include [Templates] (10)

image source

Ecommerce businesses have slightly different requirements for their customer service teams. Your call center agents should be tech-savvy and able to troubleshoot products remotely. In addition, they need excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to clearly communicate solution steps to customers. Most companies in this industry look for candidates who are competent, detail-oriented writers.

In this example, the candidate lists her skills at the top of her resume. Note that the former are mostly technical or related to the candidate's writing skills. Employers tend to read resumes quickly, so it's important to include the most relevant information at the beginning of the document.

because we like it

As the candidate applies for a more tech-savvy position, they put their tech skills at the top of their resume rather than burying them further. This allows employers to quickly see whether they are suitable for the position.

5. Analytical Curriculum Model

8 Call Center Resume and Skills Examples to Include [Templates] (11)8 Call Center Resume and Skills Examples to Include [Templates] (12)

image source

This clean resume template is perfect for anyone who is well organized. You are methodical and live for structure. To-do lists, to-do charts, and folder guides are its weakness.

This template will show you how organized you are, which is a huge benefit for anyone working in a call center. It assumes that you are equally organized and meticulous in tracking your daily tasks and records of customer interactions.

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because we like it

The care that has gone into the design and detail of this resume demonstrates the candidate's strong organizational skills.

6. Creative Resume Template

8 Call Center Resume and Skills Examples to Include [Templates] (13)8 Call Center Resume and Skills Examples to Include [Templates] (14)

image source

This curriculum template was developed byfederica procaccinois an excellent option for an experienced call center agent or someone with an interest in design. You are the visual learner, you love to doodle and you have a talent for color coordination.

This infographic style template is perfect for your love of images and creativity.

because we like it

This resume shows employers that you can easily visualize customer problems and come up with creative solutions that may be more difficult for the average person to conceive.

7. Minimalist Curriculum Template

8 Call Center Resume and Skills Examples to Include [Templates] (15)8 Call Center Resume and Skills Examples to Include [Templates] (16)

image source

This elegant resume template designed by Raka Caesar is perfect for the call center agent who is very minimalistic. You are someone who enjoys the simple things in life like clean structures, neutral colors and probably bullet journaling.

Instead of a wordy resume, your resume will emphasize its simplicity. Small symbols and short sentences show that you are low maintenance, calm and controlled. This is the perfect resume to show how level headed you would be as a call center agent. Undeterred by frustrated customers or short tempers, he handled these emergencies with ease and grace.

because we like it

This clean design reflects the candidate's behavior and approach to problem-solving. It's not overly complicated and has a simple approach - a much-needed skill for communicating solutions to clients.

8. Outgoing curriculum template

8 Call Center Resume and Skills Examples to Include [Templates] (17)8 Call Center Resume and Skills Examples to Include [Templates] (18)

image source

This fun and colorful resume template shows your bold and outgoing side. You are a very outgoing person, you have a colorful personality and you probably enjoy a good photo shoot.

This template is perfect for anyone who wants to include their own photo on their resume. Also, there is a long "About Me" section where you can create a summary of your personal and professional page. This template is more detailed. So if you have a lot to say to describe yourself, this is the one for you.

because we like it

This resume is ideal for candidates with significant experience that they want to share. There is plenty of room for recruiters to get a better picture of who you are and how you can be an asset to their team.

Build your resume with confidence

Now that you have a game plan, it's time to get to work. Create a resume that will stand out from call center recruiters using the templates above, or chart your own path.

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in October 2019 and has been updated for completeness.

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