The Blue Cottage in Fingal Bay - House rental in Fingal Bay (2023)

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The Blue Cottage in Fingal Bay - House rental in Fingal Bay (2)
The Blue Cottage in Fingal Bay - House rental in Fingal Bay (3)

Fingal's Bay, New South Wales

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 8 guests


New to the holiday market - a stunning 4 bedroom beachfront family property 500m from world famous Fingal Beach with separate studio apartment on Fingal Bay!

Blue Cottages in Fingal Bay is a luxuriously furnished, historic and immaculately restored beachside cottage for 12 people. It includes a beautiful separate guest villa (2nd cottage) at the front of the property. The property is furnished in a luxurious seaside style. This "remarkable" property is simply perfect for an extended family stay, sure to be the envy of many.

This home truly recreates something straight out of the history books! Both apartments have been completely renovated inside and out, so all you have to do is grab a towel and enjoy the best vacation you've ever had in this beautiful house, beautiful area.

As you walk up the steps to this property, you immediately feel...

household functions

Enjoy comfort at home and on the go with these distinctive features.

Air conditioning




balcony terrace

pets are allowed

building elevator

Free parking

concierge services




outdoor fireplace

All stays include

We believe certain amenities should be standard. Each home is stocked with the finest essentials for a carefree stay.

24/7 support

Professional cleaner

stay before and after

fast wifi

Necessary kitchen equipment

cookware, utensils, microwave

Bathroom equipment starter kit

Soap, shampoo, hair dryer.

Top quality sheets and towels

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details of the house

beds and bathtub

Browse through the bedroom settings to make sure each one is right for you. Full and half bathrooms are shown as one unit.

bedroom 1


double bed


Individual dagger

bedroom 2


a double bed


Individual dagger

bedroom 3


double bed




balcony terrace

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Washing machine

No pets allowed

Free parking: on premises

Yard: Private

Mod cons


Fire extinguisher

outdoor fireplace


Central air conditioner

coffee/tea maker






Outdoor furniture

washing machine on property

first aid box

Fire alarm

Grill: Gas


Hair dryer in the property

outdoor dining area


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things you should know

Ticket check:15:00

To check:10 AGUA

Payment and Cancellation - 30 day policy

Grace period:

  • Guests can cancel free of charge as long as: (1) the reservation is canceled within 48 hours of the reservation request and (2) the reservation request is made 11 days before the arrival date.

Payment Policy:

  • 30 days or less prior to arrival: Guests pay 100% upon booking.
  • More than 30 days before arrival: guests pay 50% upon booking, the remaining 50% will be collected 30 days before arrival.
  • For customers paying with points: 100% of the payment will be deducted at the time of booking, after the booking is verified within 48 hours.

Cancellation Policy:

  • 30 days or less before arrival: No refund unless a "Grace Period" applies.
  • More than 30 days before arrival: 100% refund.

the rules of the house

  • Any breach of these terms and conditions may result in cancellation of the booking or refusal of access to the accommodation at any stage of the booking process.
  • 1. Code of Conduct - For the short term rental industry, applies to all bookings. The agent, owner, visitor and all occupants of the property are bound by all terms of the Code of Conduct at all times.
  • 2. The visitor acknowledges that the agency has a duty of care to its employees and contractors. Any abuse or threat to staff or contractors will result in immediate termination of stay.
  • 3. If the property is part of a community strata or plan, the visitor acknowledges that there are specific rules that apply to that property and agrees to abide by the posted rules.
  • 4. Check-in and check-out procedures: Unless otherwise agreed and confirmed in writing, check-in is no earlier than 15:00 on the day of arrival and check-out no later than 10:00 on the day of departure. Keys will be available in the outside lock at our office located at 1/9 Yacaaba Street Nelson Bay or in an available locker at the property as our office will receive detailed instructions prior to check-in. Also, please make sure to return the keys to the same place you picked them up before 10:00am. M. of the day of departure. A late checkout fee will be charged to the booking guest for any late check out not authorized by our office.
  • 5. Use of the property: The person booking this property must be at least 18 years old. Where a business entity or company makes a reservation on behalf of its employees and does not disclose the names and details of guests, the company/company remains fully responsible for any guests staying at the property during their stay at the time such booking is made. reservation. This includes any claim on the deposit paid by the company for any problem caused by the guest during their stay. By making a reservation and paying all fees in full, you obtain a license to use the property for a short stay or vacation for the period stated in the reservation confirmation. Under no circumstances are commercial activities, weddings or parties allowed at the property. Belle Escapes has zero tolerance for incidents or disturbances at the property, failure to comply with this policy will result in immediate cancellation of your booking, forfeiture of booking monies and forfeiture of any deposit including additional charges for the liquidation. on the property. .
  • 6. Guests agree to keep noise to a minimum and not engage in activities that disturb neighbors at all times, but particularly between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM, in accordance with local noise regulations and the Short Term Rental Code of Conduct . hosting, the link provided above and Strata's Hosting Terms and Conditions.
  • 7. Suitability and use of property by guest: By booking a particular accommodation, the guest declares that he has considered all inquiries and has ensured that the reserved property meets his needs. Refunds will not be made in the event of unsuitable accommodation or a change of mind of the guest upon arrival.
  • 8. Guests are encouraged to select accommodations carefully and ask questions before booking. Belle Property Escapes does not compensate for issues such as but not limited to plumbing, electrical, TV, Wi-Fi not working, globe lights, appliances or pool or spa not working, power outages etc. . It's best to fix any problems as soon as possible, but recognize that maintenance issues may arise. and most of them are easily repaired. Guests agree to allow a designated agent or tradesperson access to the property as needed to make repairs or investigate complaints.
  • 9. Electricity, natural gas and water are usually included in the price, unless otherwise stated. Please note that any additional charges for these services, relative to normal usage, similar periods of stay, will be borne by the renter.
  • 10. Guest acknowledges that interior and exterior furnishings and furnishings may change from time to time in order to maintain the property, as images on the website may not always accurately reflect the property. All information shown is to the best of our knowledge, but we are not responsible for changes on or off the property.
  • 11. All reservations are made in the name of the property owner. If the property is sold before the reservation is accepted, the agent cannot guarantee that the future owner will continue to offer the property for short-term rentals and may have to cancel the reservation and refund all monies paid.
  • 12. Accommodation prices may change at any time.
  • 13. These terms and conditions may change from time to time without notice.
  • 14. Upon check-in, all guests declare that none of the guests are infected with the Covid-19 virus. If a guest is found to have or become infected with Covid during their stay, additional cleaning measures may be required and the guest agrees to pay for additional cleaning.
  • 15. Online check-in: The visitor acknowledges that he is obliged to check-in online before his arrival. Check-in is via a link sent via email and requires the guest to upload a photo of their driver's license, credit card and ccv number. This information will be stored on the PCI compliant website for up to 14 days after check-out.
  • 16. The guest will indicate the number and identity of guests (including the name and mobile phone number of each adult guest) staying at the property and will not allow any other person to enter the property.
  • 17. Linen: The guest must read the rules of each accommodation before booking, unless the accommodation is advertised with full linen, the accommodation does not provide linen, towels, pillowcases and bath rugs. We can help you arrange for them to be borrowed from a third party at an additional cost to the guest so that they can be delivered to the property prior to the guest's arrival.
  • 18. Pets - Unless the property is clearly marked "Pet Friendly", no pets are allowed on or off the property. If the property is listed as pet friendly, the guest is expected to pick up and dispose of all droppings and hair. Any additional cleaning or repairs caused by the presence of a pet are the guest's responsibility. If our office becomes aware that a guest has brought a pet to a property that does not allow pets, their listing will be terminated immediately and the guest will be charged for additional cleaning and fumigation costs.
  • 19. Smoking: Smoking is strictly prohibited in any of our facilities. Guests are also requested to follow all rules and guidelines regarding smoking outside the property. If guests are found to have been smoking in the property, they will be responsible for additional cleaning, deodorization and any damage caused by this activity.
  • 20. Security & Keys - Guests who are locked out of the property should contact our office during office hours to arrange for a spare key to be collected or, if out of hours, the out of hours locksmith number listed in the Property Directory to arrange access to the facility. by the guest. In the event of loss of keys, remote controls or key fobs, the guest is responsible for the cost of replacing lost keys, key fobs and/or key fobs.
  • 21. As part of confirmation, do you accept responsibility for ensuring the security of the apartment upon departure, keys are secured and returned to the appropriate Belle Property Escapes management office or an on-site locker, depending on where you collected the key? If your Facility keys are lost, you are responsible for replacing them and changing the locks of the entire facility to ensure security.
  • 22. Check-out procedures: On check-out, the guest will ensure that the accommodation is safe, clean, free of litter, that all cutlery and crockery has been washed, dried and returned to the appropriate cupboards and that the keys have been returned to agent or locker as mentioned above. . Any rubbish that does not fit in the bins or recycling bins must be disposed of by the visitor. Guests will be charged for additional cleaning, dishwashing or trash removal.
  • 23. Rubbish bins provided in all accommodation - Please ensure that all rubbish is removed from inside the property and placed in the bins provided. Check the garbage collection day notice for your property. If a garbage collection day falls within your stay, you must place the bin on the curb the night before the garbage collection day and return it the next morning after the garbage collection. To collect trash, place the container on the curb with the handle facing the property. If you leave excess litter in or on the property and do not follow the above recommendations, you will be required to pay additional fees for cleaning and removal of the litter.
  • 24. Loss, damage and injury: Neither the agent nor the owner accepts any responsibility for the visitor's vehicles or property. Guests are responsible for insuring all of their items and if they drop them off, find them and request their return, postage will be covered by the guest. All Guests are responsible for ensuring the security of the Property during their stay and are responsible for any theft or damage to the Property caused by negligence in this regard. Before leaving the property, you must ensure that all windows and doors are closed and locked. The Visitor is advised to purchase travel insurance against loss of earnings due to illness, accident or cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • 25. Environment: Our facilities are located in coastal areas, bushland and nature reserves. Belle's Runaways warns that snakes, spiders, crawlers and flying insects may be present in the surrounding natural bush from time to time and suggest that visitors may need to bring repellents, covered shoes and the like. Belle Escapes does not refund or compensate for the presence of any of the above.
  • 26. Complaint Procedures: In case of any complaint during the booking process, please send the complaint in writing, we try to respond to all complaints on the next working day or within 24 hours.
  • 27. Your booking confirms that you have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions of this booking. You have read and understand your responsibilities as a guest under the Code of Conduct
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