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A complete guide to warehouse security!

We talk about why you should choose the right 3PL logistics services and modern transport companystorage managementThe system (WMS) for shipping, receiving and storage is essential to any successfulsupply chain managementProcedure.

Within the supply chain process, there is a much smaller piece of the puzzle that is arguably the most critical component in maintaining accurate inventory:

Incoming and outgoing logistics process. That means send and receive!

If inventory is not received initially and is not properly reported during inbound processes (for example, by the company's receiving department), it becomes nearly impossible to maintain an accurate system or record. It affects all aspects oflogistics servicesand the supply chain.

Also, if the outbound shipping process is not working properly, shipments may be incomplete, late, or sent to the wrong recipient.

Therefore, you must informHow to choose a logistics and freight forwarding companywhich draws a lot of attention to the check-in and check-out process. To ensure that this process goes as smoothly as possible, at BR Williams (3PL logistics company for the US and Canada) we have a top-notch teamWarehouse Management System (WMS)with real-time logistics service capabilities.

Inbound and Outbound Logistics Process (Step by Step Guide)

To know the difference between inbound and outbound logistics, it is important to know them first.Basic concepts of an input and output process. This will help you better understand how this affects the efficiency of your entire supply chain. Let's take a look at shipping and receiving and inbound versus outbound logistics (and look for areas where your business can improve).

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The entry process:

1. Registration and receipts

Capture and receipts drive the entry process. Receipts help supply chain professionals ensure that each step of the process is completed and properly communicated. Basic receipts include the item, quantity, unit of measure, and other required information.

Items that must be tracked throughout the entry process include:: batch numbers, manufacturing dates, expiration dates, serial numbers, P.O. Tracking, multiple inventory access states, default access state rules, emergency bypass, routing times for special "short" inventory allocations, immediate availability of on-hold items, andQuerdocks, and more.

Goods Receipt Notification is one of the newest and most exciting logistics services used by supply chain companies.(as BR Williams). This service streamlines the entry process by reducing the amount of manually entered information. The pre-receive process allows for automation, real-time receiving and warehousing capabilities, reducing receiving errors and minimizing costs.

2. Cargo arrival

Your receiving process should beginimmediatelyafter uploading advance vouchers to the WMS system.

However, with a highly functional WMS system (as used by BR Williams), the product will do more than receive. Within minutes, the system can pre-define pick-up/loading times or reserve docks, gates and waiting areas.

This preliminary entry planninghelps supply chain management companies become more efficientat the end of each logistic service.All receipt information should already be entered with minimal human error. So when a receipt/load arrives, the warehouse coordinator knows exactly which ramp the truck should go to and can easily assign a staging area for unloading.

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3. Receive real-time information

The “receipt” is given to coordinators who already have a “bar code” with specific instructions for an employee to start receiving activities and reports in real time.

Continuous process control ensures that the inbound process continues to run smoothly. Automated systems used by your logistics and transportation companies must ensure that warehouse workers are at the correct loading dock and unload the correct shipment based on the barcode recipient information.

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Once the goods receipt and cargo arrival process is complete, warehouse employees begin itemized goods receipts. Receipt types are different for each supply chain and freight company.

BR Williams performs reception in two ways:

  1. one step empfang: When customers benefit from the fact that there is no stock and their products are sent directly to the warehouse
  2. Two stage reception– when receiving or loading needs to be arranged rather than located directly

4. Plate tracking

Control of your goods in motion is just as important as control during storage and storage.Carriers are aware of this and have started to make it possible to track their license plates using WMS systems.

This is an important step in managing the entire entry process and will be required in December 2017.ELD complianceit becomes mandatory.

5. Storage and entry lock

In older systems, once received, the product was held only by professionals. In certain cases, this still applies today. However, new systems offer different options and automation.

For example, the BR Williams WMS system allows for custom settings that help determine whether your product is stored using a system-controlled or operator-required method.

The final step for transport and logistics companies involved in the goods receiving process is the real-time update that the trailer or freighter has been emptied.

In this case, the real-time features allow for checks and exceptions.

The process is streamlined when receipts and other information can be sent in real time.It also allows docks to be immediately marked as "available" for other potential customer pickups/deliveries.

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The checkout process:

1. Entry, Additions, Modifications and Deletions of Orders

If the check-in process is handled correctly, it will allow for a smoother check-out process..

Order entry is similar to the pre-receipt process in the goods receipt process.The first steps of an exit system are to validate orders, check for errors or duplicates, and handle exceptions immediately..

Up to the point where the order lines are loaded into an outbound label, customers must be able to add, change, or delete specific items or entire orders.

Making these logistics services available to customers is the main reason why real-time reporting is so important to the outbound process.

2. Replacement and collection of products

Essentially, replenishment is planning for future deliveries, establishing prerequisites for picking, and planning the services and logistical activities that need to be completed before the corresponding picking tasks.

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This step allows your supply chain to run smoothly with minimal manual planning and strategizing between steps.

The selection process can be simple or very complex. Your selection process should be unique due to the nature of different businesses, industries and customers.

Choose freight forwarders and logistics companies that allow for customized pick-up options and strategies.

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Selection strategies may include:

  1. line selection
  2. cluster harvest
  3. batch collection
  4. area catcher
  5. Tag based selection
  6. paper collection

3. Packing, preparation, testing and loading

Packing is probably the most important logistical service in the goods issue process. It includes packing, inspecting, labeling, routing and outbound order manifesting items according to specific customer requirements.

If this step is not managed correctly, completed shipments and arrival times could be compromised and the company's reputation could be at stake.

Deployment locations should already be determined if this is an automated system. Going through the provisioning, testing, and loading process, the WMS must record each step in real time for accuracy and timeliness.

Once all shipments are loaded and ready to ship, a warehouse coordinator should be automatically updated and a warehouse worker assigned to load your order onto a trailer.

4. Sending and creating documents

The final step in a successful outbound process is to ship the product to its final destination and create a process record for your records..

This is another important reason why freight forwarders like use a WMS. You must also use a customs broker, e.g.Moebius Customsto ensure that all of your documentation is correct and that any issues are resolved. When every step of the entire process has been recorded, the final report is essentially complete.

The guide to the shipping and receiving process! (Infographic) - Supply Chain Game Changer™ (1)

The send and receive key

If you are considering oneLogisticsotransporter, be sure to hire onetraffic consulting companythat can meet your specific needs in an efficient and highly functional way that will inform you online and in real time.

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BR Williams is proud to use one of the most powerful warehouse and shipping management systems customers have in the industry.real-time accessto the key data needed to deliver the right product, to the right place, at the right time.

Our shipping and receiving capabilities give you more choice, offering unique and customized solutions, real-time updates and control, and the ability to improve the check-in and check-out process for our customers.

Sending and receiving articles and permission to post here provided by Misty Skinner, vice president of marketing forBR Williams Trucking Inc.Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on June 3, 2020.



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