Top 20 Call Center Jobs [with Descriptions] [2023 Update] (2023)

What are the best call center jobs or call center roles for you and your team? I analyzed 95 call center jobs sought by candidates and employers to find the best ones for you.

This is called the final chapter of the Ongig seriesJob Titles: The Definitive Guide.

In this article you will find:

  • Contact Center vs. Call Center: Why Many Employers Are Changing the Name of This Department
  • Call Center vs. Customer Service: Why They're Different in Some Organizations
  • Call Center Job Hierarchy - The standard call center department job org chart with examples for each of the 6 major call center job levels. I am including examples of the best employers and what they call job titles.
  • Top 20 Call Center Jobs: A column chart of the top 20 call center jobs job seekers search for on Google.
  • Top 10 Call Center Job Titles and Descriptions - A list of the top 10 call center job titles and job descriptions that are in demand by employers.
  • Creative Call Center Jobs: Some fun jobs we've found for contact center professionals.

Contact center x Call center

What is the difference between Contact Center and Call Center? Many large companies like AAA, Amazon, and Facebook have changed the name of their "call center" to "contact center" (another name for call center) because "call center" seems outdated. These terms can be used interchangeably, but there are differences due to technology:

“A traditional call center, as the name suggests, focuses on voice calls. Even if a call center offers multi-channel customer service, interactions are isolated to individual channels without taking a look at the entire customer journey. On the other hand, a modern contact center, as the name suggests, allows customers to contact a company not just by phone call, but through any channel they choose. —TTEC

If your business uses more than just phone calls for customer support, you might want to go with the "contact center." But the terms "call center" are still widely recognized and used by companies like CBS, ADP, and AT&T.

What about the call center vs.Call Center(another name for call center). Some global companies use one or the other or both. They mean the same thing, but "Center" is the American spelling and "Center" is the Commonwealth English spelling.

Call center x customer service

Call center leadership positions vary by company size and industry. Some larger companies group customer service and call center jobs into one or more groups. For example, Walmart uses "customer service and call center jobs" as a category on its careers page. You have one tooCustomer Service Manager, Janey Whiteside, who reports to the CEO and the head of e-commerce. Whiteside handles Walmart's customer journey, including call center support.

Call centers aim to have a high volume of calls to solve customer problems. Customer service offers a more personalized support throughout the customer process.

(Editor's note: There are some call center functions that overlap with ours.The 20 best jobs in customer servicethe blog.)

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Now let's take a look at a typical call center hierarchy.


Below is a hierarchical structure of the call center, with seniority listed at the top, down to entry-level positions below (call center roles):

Top 20 Call Center Jobs [with Descriptions] [2023 Update] (1)
  • Call Center Manager – Customer Service Director, Call Center Director, Support Director
  • Vice President Call Center – Vice President Call Center Operations, Vice President Call Center Operations, Vice President Contact Center
  • Call Center Manager: Call Center Team Leader, Call Center Manager, Call Center Team Leader, Call Center Operations Manager, Call Center Team Leader
  • Call Center Supervisor: Call Center Manager, Call Center Operations Manager, Call Center Manager, Call Center Quality Assurance Manager, Call Center Supervisor, Service Manager Call Center System, Call Center Administrator
  • Individual Contributors: CSR, Remote Chat Agent, Call Center Rep, Online Chat Agent, Live Chat Agent, Customer Service Representative, Call Center CSR, Call Center Agent, Call Center Coach Calls, Call Center Rep, Customer Service Advocate, Customer Service Representative, Call -Center Customer Service Representative
  • Entry Level: Call Center Administrative Assistant, Call Center Manager Intern, Jr. Call Center Analyst, Call Center Intern, Call Center Training Specialist, Jr. Call Center Operator.

Here is a longer list of jobs.Title for call centerfor each line of the pyramid with some more texture on each:

Title for call center executives

Below are the top titles I've used from candidates and employers for contact center managers.

  1. Director of Customer Service (Walmart)
  2. Leiter Call Center (NUMA)
  3. Contact Center Manager (Federal Credit Union)
  4. Support-Direktor (United Way)

Vice President of Call Center Titles

There are a variety of vice president-level titles for call center positions. Here are the top job titles I've found as a VP of Call Center candidate and employer:

  1. Vice President of Call Center Operations (Comcast)
  2. Vice President of Call Center Operations (Duke Energy)
  3. Vice President of Contact Center (Bank of America)
  4. Vice President of the Call Center (KeyBank)
  5. Call Center Manager (Advocate Health Care)
  6. Vice President Contact Center (MGM International)

Call center manager titles

These are the most commonly used call center manager titles:

  1. Call Center Team Lead (Southwest Airlines)
  2. Call Center Team Lead (CBS Interactive)
  3. Lider de Call Center (Orangetheory Fitness)
  4. Contact Center Team Leader (Garmin)
  5. Contact Center Team Leader (Emirates)
  6. Head of Call Center Operations (Walmart)
  7. Call Center Operations Manager (Saks Incorporated)
  8. Head of Call Center Services (Citi)
  9. Virtual Call Center Manager (Comcast)

Call center manager titles

Here are the top call center manager jobs that candidates and employers are using:

  1. Call Center Supervisor (Director)
  2. Callcenter-Manager (PEAK6)
  3. Call Center Operations Manager (Kaiser Permanente)
  4. Contact Center Manager (Amazon)
  5. Call Center Quality Assurance Manager (AT&T)
  6. Contact Center Manager (Global Payments, Inc.)
  7. Call Center System Administrator (Boeing)
  8. Callcenter-Administrator (
  9. Contact Center Operations Manager (Safelife Solutions)
  10. Kontaktcenter-Manager (UnitedHealth Group)
  11. Manager des Global Response Center (HPE).
  12. Global Contact Center Operations Manager (Facebook)

Call center titles of individual contributors

When you get down to the level of individual contributors to call center roles, there's more granularity. Here are the top 20 titles I've found from candidates and employers:

  1. Chatagent (H&M)
  2. RSC (Netflix)
  3. Call Center Representative (Comcast)
  4. Remote Chat Agent (bed, bath and more)
  5. Customer Service Representative (United Airlines)
  6. CSR-Callcenter (CIBC)
  7. Callcenter-Translator (AT&T)
  8. Customer Service Representative (Equinix)
  9. Steward Healthcare Customer Service Representative
  10. Callcenter-Trainer (Large)
  11. Live Chat Agent (accepted)
  12. Call-Center-Agent (HCA Healthcare)
  13. Call Center Quality Analyst (ADP)
  14. Kundendienstmitarbeiter (HelloFresh)
  15. Call Center Specialist (MassMutual)
  16. Outbound-Callcenter-Agent (Capital One)
  17. Escalation Specialist (Home Depot)
  18. Online-Chat-Agent (GoDaddy)
  19. Virtual Customer Service Representative (Amazon)
  20. Contact Center Engineer (Amerisource Bergen)

Entry level call center job titles

Here are the top entry-level call center titles that I think are used by candidates and employers alike:

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  1. Call Center Administrative Assistant (Planned Parenthood)
  2. Call Center Manager (Aflac)
  3. Entry Level Call Center Contacts (MetLife)
  4. Call Center Analyst Jr (Freedom Mortgage)
  5. Call Center Intern (Ariat International)
  6. Call Center Training Specialist (Walt Disney World)
  7. Junior Call Center Agent (iQor)
  8. Call Center Operator Jr. (Alder Tech)
  9. Entry Level Contact Center Agent (Walmart)

Top 20 Call Center Jobs (Candidates)

Below is a list of the top 20 call center job titles based on Google searches we foundAhrefs.

Chat agent is the most sought after inbound call center job by applicants while CSR is the most sought after by employers. What is a chat agent? A chat agent communicates via live chat or email to troubleshoot, resolve issues, or answer customer questions.

Top 10 Call Center Jobs With Descriptions (Employers)

Below are the top 10 call center job titlesEmployerquery in google, afterAhrefs.

I have included a brief description of each call center position and the number of job searches per month by employers.


A CSR or customer service representative works in a company's call center or customer service department. so if you have oneMulti-vendor ecommerce platformFor example, you definitely need a CSR.

The responsibilities of the CSR role include:

  • Resolution of Customer Complaints
  • Answering customer questions
  • Taking and fulfilling customer orders by phone or online

Number of job searches per month: 500;CSR-Callcenter: 150

Call Center Representative

A call center representative maintains customer databases, answers customer calls, and resolves problems. Other duties of a call center representative include:

  • Troubleshooting for customers
  • Adding product features for customers
  • Finding solutions for customers.

Number of job searches per month: 200;Customer Service Representatives: 150; call center representatives: 80; Customer Service Representative: 80

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Customer Service Representative

A customer service manager leads the customer service team in an organization. A customer service manager creates systems to improve call center customer service and customer experience. A Customer Service Manager also develops training programs for employees related to optimal customer experience. The Customer Service Director works with the senior management team to resolve customer issues and create long-term customer retention plans.

Number of job searches per month: 100

Call Center Team Leader

A call center team lead manages a multi-level team of call center agents. A call center team leader:

  • tracks the progress until the issue is resolved
  • supports employee performance training
  • Partners with senior management on call center goals

Number of job searches per month: 100;Call center team leader: 80, call center manager: 60


A call center manager leads a team of call center support agents. A call center manager is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of a call center and improving call center processes. A call center manager also recruits and trains new employees and tracks their productivity. Managing call center budgets is also the job of a call center manager.

Number of job searches per month: 90


A call center trainer guides call center agents through performance improvement training. The main tasks of a call center trainer are:

  • Creation and updating of training materials
  • Prepare call center agents to create happy customers
  • Keep records of training and employee information

Number of job searches per month: 60

Call Center Quality Analyst

A call center quality analyst examines phone calls, emails, chats, and social media messages from call center agents to measure performance standards. A call center quality analyst creates and conducts quality control assessments and provides feedback to managers for improvement. This feature also recommends call center quality improvement programs.

(Video) Call Center Initial Interview Best answers 2023 (For beginners with reminders)

Number of job searches per month: 40

telephone sales representative

A telemarketer interacts with customers over the phone. Teleseller responsibilities include selling products, recording customer responses, creating customer accounts, and recommending add-ons for orders. A telemarketer often uses a script when speaking to customers.

Number of job searches per month: 20


A web chat agent works in an office or virtual home office environment. A web chat agent:

  • communicates with customers via live chat or other channels
  • solve customer problems
  • Answering customer questions about products or orders

Number of job searches per month: 10


A call center recruiter hires call center reps, sometimes in large numbers. A call center recruiter:

  • Create and publish job boards for call center positions
  • screens potential contact center agents
  • Reviewing and updating candidate information in the ATS

Number of job searches per month: 10

Funny job titles for call centers

Below are 4 fun and creative call center jobs we found.

  1. talkative boss(Callcenter-Manager)
  2. Geek Squad-Agent(Customer Service Representative) ... Best Buy uses Geek Squad agents to make repairs and sell to customers
  3. Genius(Customer Service Representative)…Apple uses it in the Apple Store
  4. hero of fortune(Customer Service Representative)…Buffer

Want more fun jobs? come and see us


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Why did I write this?

My team and I shared this call center job research to help you streamline your own jobs. This supports our mission to transform job descriptions. Visit our website to see howText-Parsertransform and declutter your jobs and job descriptions.

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