What kind of metalhead are you? (2023)

Defining yourself as a metalhead is part of a very complicated equation. What kind of metalhead are you? Let's take a look at some heavy metal subgenres to see if any of them resonate...

traditional metal

The most basic of the heavy metal subgenres. You don't want Fancy Dan sauce on your food, you like things the way they are.

whenBlack SabbathAndONEperfect, why deviate too much? They say there's a reason you can only trust yourself and Black Sabbath's first six albums...

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  • "Rising": Rainbow Soar return with a classic metal album for the second time

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You recognize our Lord and Savior Ronnie James Dio and his impenetrable worksdioIRainbow. As the inventor of the devil's horned hand gestures, he is responsible for giving the horn to more people than we care to admit.

The only profanity accepted by traditional heavy metal is the worship of JUDAS PRIEEEEEEEEEST! Don't try this scream at home. This can lead to dizziness, lightheadedness, and buying more skins and studs than you shouldLady Gagaduring the Harley Davidson Appreciation Night.

BLACK SABBATH – “War Pigs” by “The End” (Video Available)

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stoner rock

Drugs are bad for everyone. Unless marijuana is legal in your part of the world, in which case: congratulations! Put on the Kyuss disc and enjoy a warm welcome to the deepest and hottest subgenres of heavy metal: the sounds of stoner rock, maaaaaaan…

Dive into the realm of stoner rock to find sprawling hypnotic beats and all viiiib, get lost in tracks like Sleep, Earth and Sunn O))). But don't be fooled. This particular type of rock comes in many forms...

Combining a unique desert climate with a tendency to throw a little trash in the trunk,stone age queenshave traversed more experimental territory than most amp-bound bands.

From atmospheric melodies and magical levels of beat manipulation to surf rock, funk, punk and whatever else comes your way, Queens are one of the most beloved bands in the world for a reason.

Hello! Look! More awesomeness from Josh Homme. Oh, want to use the comment section to chat with us? Go ahead, but it's you vs. "Nobody Knows."

If you like QOTSA look for clutchmonster magnetmaybe you could come down with me...uh...down. (Sorry.) Or use the new Black Moth albums (anatomical Venus) or today's heavyweight stoners The Sword (used future) and follow the smoke signals into the future of stoner rock.

Queens Of The Stone Age - Nadie Sabe (Official Music Video)

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Thrash metal

SLAYEAAAAAARGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! (Come on, as if there's any other way to start this.) Faster than a sustained punch to the face from Bambi the bunny. more out of control than your psycho alcoholic uncle after he's been on the toilet too long. and one of the most adrenalin moments in the history of rock music, thrash metal - specificallyThe big four– blazed a trail so hot that three and a half decades later, metal is still reeling from it.

Slayer best embodies what this most brutal subgenre of heavy metal is. As heavy as an anvil falling on your head, you rarely launch anything below 180mph, Satan and Death lurk at work, even in their time in the 'real world', their prospect of mankind's destruction. He is on every level imaginable. catastrophic level. No strings attached, hello Satan. What will make serial killers cry whenare playing their last concerts in the near futurewill tell you everything you need to know about the legacy of brutality they left behind. Don't miss these shows.

Carbonhe brought something completely unique to the party. The word "fun" isn't welcome in metal, but blasting hot liquid metal in Technicolor, rocking skateboard shorts and yelling about police trouble in Mega City One, Anthrax rocked the party better than anyone. That they too toughened, toughened and roared into the 21st century, spurred on by the world-class voice of John Bush inWe came for all of youAll of this makes Anthrax one of the most underrated metal bands of all time, if not the most underrated.

We don't like to start arguments.it is not metal(totally yes), but here's one for you:megadethDave Mustaine is the most important figure in the history of thrash metal. It was part of the formation and core of the band that we will talk about later. Their technical skills are the benchmark for anyone who dares to enter the genre and self-proclaimed destroyer, meaning that Megadeth can't play as fast as anyone else in the game, they can with a signature punch and punch. dynamism that surpassed none. Kerry King almost made it to his team. For the purity of the genre, it is the pattern of thrash metal. Anyone want to argue? Can you rate the room?

We leave them for last because they are the best. Sorry everyone. If Black Sabbath invented heavy metal,Metalliche perfected it. Not only are they the best thrash band of all time, but also the best heavy metal band of all time, which makes them the best group of people to ever hook up amps and sit behind drum kits like a recording unit together ever, ever. , always; and this writer loves them more than you. Birth, school, Metallica, death.

Metallica: Enter Sandman (Official Music Video)

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alternative metal

Faith No More is famous for their coverscommandersbecause they are designed to do bad by the heavy metal rule book.

Metal band with cheerleaders singing about oral sex, party songs orBee Geescoverage or… oh, forget it. This is the true alternative to metal. Rules? What rules?

Of all the heavy metal subgenres, alternative metal is the playground where monsters run wild and freaking Melvins play bass.primusagainst every other weird and wonderful rock chameleon to change more albums sooner or later.

Arguably the biggest story in alt metal comes in the form of an eight-legged Armenian-American shredder with a political rage against propaganda and sweet-tasting soluble carbs. The mixture of the nu metal zeitgeist, the oriental atmosphere of his homeland passed through the filter of the Dead Kennedys,KISS, Mr Bungle and all manner of oddities can only be described as System Of A Down. Platinum, contrary to any condition, is an alternative to the bulls that served you.

System Of A Down - Sugar (Official HD Video)

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fatal metal

Following in the footsteps of the mighty Black Sabbath, doom metal is an ode to their thrilling and creepy low-end genre, with a powerful beat. If thrash metal seems to be falling on the rhinos, doom is like being hit by a roller...really...really...slowly...

A companion to stoner rock, doom metal sought the same hypnotic state but used heavier sounds. bigger, heavier riffs; difficult game that is never too difficult. It's rare. Listen to Candlemass music for the 21st century. This is a journey.

It's also a '70s-friendly sound that's unique among heavy metal subgenres in that it's always been female-friendly in an overwhelmingly male-dominated landscape. Whether it's the wailing and swinging sound of Coven, the muddy variation of Jex Thoth's Jefferson Airplane, modern warriors like King Woman, or the slightly more Technicolor approach of Purson, there's plenty of dope metal with a feminine twist to let's celebrate here.

Throwing it a little out of left field: Glenn Danzig's satanic talents are vital to people's first steps into Type O Negative, etc. Danzig's low-sex beats mixed with infernal imagery and an almost mystical sense of macabre, lyrical storytelling means their first two albums are an impressive prelude to whether doom metal prowess and tickling the senses is a rabbit hole. What would you like me to bury? below.

Danzig - Mother 93 Live

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progressive metal

One of the few subgenres of heavy metal that wants to embrace the world of chin-tapping progressive rock and give it a wild side. For the fans: Put on a song, do the dishes and spend 20 minutes on Side One, Track One.

The musicianship is unmatched as Tool takes you on a wonderful journey of self-discovery through massive hooks and impressive craftsmanship. Opeth can combine the debauchery of death metal with the destructive Hammond organ of the 70s. and Dream Theater can make songs bigger than TV shows. Its longest track is 42 minutes. Basically, it's not the death of Napalm.

Perhaps the most interesting thing to consider about progressive is how it translates to a huge youth audience without being obvious. Avenged Sevenfold have always had a connection to progressive metal, from the hiring of former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy to the long playing times of some of their tracks. But on his latest albumEtap, the band took their sound deeper and more progressive than ever before. Concepts of space and the endless possibilities of artificial intelligence, both fascinating and terrifying in the form of the T-1000, lend themselves to the most complex and musically ambitious compositions from the band's already gothic, chameleon catalog.

Avenged Sevenfold - Escena

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